Adapted Glow ESP for iSec One

Our Aimbot is focused to be strong but humanized and legit. We always update its behaviour on customers feedback to give you the best experience out there.

  • Aimbot fov
  • Aimbot key
  • Aimbot bone
  • Aimbot strength
  • Smooth
  • RCS strength
  • RCS y-achis

Our Triggerbot is humanized yet responsive to have the edge in reaction times.

  • Triggerbot key
  • Triggerbot delay
  • Triggerbot delayShots

Our 3D Surround Sound ESP is the state of the art ESP. The enemy is projected in the 3D world like real enemy steps so its as near as possible to a wallhack experience with the security of non-visuals.

The FOV Sound ESP is useful to pin down enemies through crosshair placement.

  • 3D Sound ESP
  • FOV Sound ESP
  • Standalone Defuse notification

The Visual component of the hack. The webradar, featuring:

  • Full size
  • Rotating
  • Accessable from any device in the network

Fully customizable cfg including weapon config for the aimbot